MSD 8394 Ignition Pro-Billet Digital E-Curve Rev Limit Distrib..
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MSD 8394 Ignition Pro-Billet Digital E-Curve Rev Limit Distrib..

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  • Item #: MSD 8394
  • Manufacturer: MSD IGNITION
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NEW FROM MSD # 8394 Distributor


The Digital E-Curve Distributor will drop right in your engine, easily connect to the coil and fire up! There are no external controls or boxes to mount and connect, and you can set a timing curve with the twist of a rotary dial! That’s right, no more springs or stop bushings to change. A new digital module lets you select from nearly 100 different advance curves, including a vacuum advance! Simply remove the cap and rotor to access the rotary dials and select a curve to match your application. You can also set an rpm limit that will protect your engine from overrev damage caused by a missed shift or driveline failure. This limit is adjustable from 5,000-10,000 rpm. These adjustments are possible due to an advanced digitally-controlled ignition module. Not only does the module offer these adjustable options, it also produces a hearty jolt of energy to the coil to produce a powerful spark to fire up your engine’s performance. Also, a magnetic pick-up is used for reliable and accurate trigger signals throughout the entire rpm range of your engine. The E-Curve Distributor is topped with MSD’s Rynite molded cap and rotor and is supplied with a heavy-duty gear and a matching 3-Pin weathertight wiring harness.

Features: Digitally controlled stand-alone distributor with adjustable electronic advance. Set a centrifugal advance and vacuum advance curve electronically. High output ignition module produces a powerful spark for improved performance. Simple three wire connection and you'r ready-to-run Dial-in a rev limit to protect your engine from overrev damage.





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