Customer Cars


Our mission: To provide the best products and service to our customers at the lowest prices possible. We also take great pride in having the highest quality of race parts. 

Our commitment: To working with a customers situation is unmatchable. We sell for review and feedback, and invite you to look through our huge selection of products the simplest way possible.

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Our 540 We Sell / Dyno Video:

- Big Block Chevy with Torqstorm Supercharger

- 757 Horsepower / 751 Torque

(VIDEO Link Here) 

Torqstorm Superchargers:

- All Applications This Fits

(Link Here)


Some of our Customer's Rides:

GTO Torqstorm Supercharger:

- Shane Matson's GTO Torqstorm

(Link Here)



Bryan's SBC 372 we sold him:

- Torqstorm superchargered

- HP: 678 Torque: 598

(Link Here)



Blower Package Sold for Pinks All Out:

- The Blower Shop Big Block 10-71 Billet Blower

- King Chrome Demon 1095 CFM Carburetors


(Link Here)


Blown Bricklin:

- The Blower Shop Big Block Chevy 8-71 Billet Blower

- Quick Fuel Q-850-b2 Blower Carburetors


(Link Here)

Personal 68 Corvette:

- The Blower Shop Big Block Chevy 14-71 Billet Blower

- Quick Fuel 4150 Q-1050-B2 Carburetors

Our 409 We Sell / Dyno Video:

- Small Block Chevy

- 673 Horsepower / Torque 536

(Link Here)



Our 372 We Sell / Dyno Video:

- Small Block Chevy

- 677 Horsepower / 597 Torque

(VIDEO Link Here

Australian Customer | Peter Blood:

- The Blower Shop 8-71 Big Block Chevy Blower

- Quick Fuel Carburetors

(Link Here)


Chrome King Demon Carburetors from us:

- 2200 Horsepower

- Licensed & street legal



All clear Q-950-B2 Blower Carburetors:

(Installed pics coming)

(Link Here) 



Oldsmobile Torqstorm Superchager: 

(Link Here) 



Big Block Chevy 8-71 Blower Package: (Before Pics)

(Link Here) 


MSD Ignition combo:

(Link Here)


Send pics of your install when you order with RDRacinginc. to have them featured!